Posted April 09, 2018 05:01:13Federal Department of Education officials say they’re trying to find out who gave them $25.7 million in federal grants to create a school in North Dakota.

    It’s part of a larger investigation into whether federal officials gave the school $10 million in tax credits that were not supposed to be used to help the school in a state where school officials have been accused of corruption.

    The Education Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

    It’s not clear who was in charge of the money, or who has been in charge since the money was given to the school.

    The district had said it would use the funds to renovate a school that was shuttered in the late 1990s and is being restored by the National Association of Independent Schools, or NASIS, as the NASIS group is known.

    The NASIS says it received $25,865,965 in federal funds to refurbish the school, but not enough to pay for the renovations.

    It said the school is not a public school and that it does not receive federal funds.

    The money is supposed to go to the district for a variety of purposes, including funding construction, construction and renovation of facilities, the group said in a statement.

    The government also gave $1.8 million to renovating the school to include classroom, cafeteria, school office, office building and school board offices.

    The federal grants were meant to cover the cost of a $50,000 renovation to the old Schoolhouse School in Fargo.

    The district spent $30,000 of the grant money to pay off $8,000 in principal and other principal and interest on a home mortgage.

    A $25M federal grant that was meant to help pay for a renovation to Fargo’s schoolhouse.

    The school reopened in 2012.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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