When the South Park character Jim Stone walks into his first school reunion, he’s greeted with a mix of cheers and laughter.

    He’s a schoolboy in a school uniform, sporting a red bowtie and a black bowtie-like vest.

    “It’s a bit of a surprise,” he says.

    “I hadn’t seen that kind of shirt before.”

    “I had been hoping that people would get the sense that I was in a costume and not in a real school uniform,” he continues.

    At the end of the day, this is just me being me.

    “As a child, Mr Stone was a fan of the South Korean animation comedy series South Park, which was based in the US.

    His family moved to the US in 1986 and his father worked for a company called Wanda Entertainment, which produced the hugely popular cartoon.

    During the early days of South Park’s run, Mr Smith would watch the show and take his son to the park at least once a week.

    It was not until the series began in 2005 that he realised he was a South Park fan, and he joined in with the annual South Park reunion every year at the Disney park.

    This year, he is joining the show’s original cast of characters, and hopes to spend more time with them in future seasons.

    The idea came about as Mr Smith was watching a video of the show.

    As he watches the video, he says he remembers watching the original South Park and thinking, “I really love this show.

    This is something I would like to do more often.

    “He hopes the show can become more accessible for younger audiences.

    One of the characters he’s particularly excited about is Mr. Garrison.

    Mr Stone said he was particularly happy to have Mr Garrison on board.

    In his video, Mr Garrison describes the show as “the only real show I’ve ever watched, that I’ve never been able to do.”

    After a few minutes of conversation, Mr. Stone and Mr Garrison begin talking about Mr Garrison’s future.

    They also talk about Mr. Parker’s parents, and Mr. Peanutbutter.

    When Mr. Smith walks in, he asks his friend, Mr Peanutbutt, if he’s ever watched South Park.

    Pete, the voice actor, says he had a similar reaction when he first heard Mr. South Park on TV.

    There was just something about watching that show, he said.

    So he decided to make a South Parks reunion video, and it’s now become the biggest YouTube hit of all time.

    Since Mr Stone began the South Parks video, it has racked up nearly 1.5 million views.

    While the video has had a huge following, Mr Park said he has been surprised by the level of interest from younger fans.

    For example, he has had several people tell him they would like him to join the South parks cast.

    Another fan asked if he was going to be in the film, and if he would be able to play Mr. Taggart, Mr Parker said he would consider it.

    Then, one day, another fan asked him if he had seen a film about South Park called The Last Boy Scout.

    When asked about the reaction to his South Park video, Park replied, “That’s what I was hoping.” “

    It just blew my mind, because I thought that would be a really big deal,” he said, adding he had not watched The Last Girl Scout. 

    When asked about the reaction to his South Park video, Park replied, “That’s what I was hoping.”

    It has been watched by millions of people around the world, and more than 500 million South Park episodes have been watched on YouTube.

    But there’s a catch: Mr Stone will not be joining the cast in the new season of the popular TV show.


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