Paisly Parkers is the first album to be recorded and released by the band since 2011.

    The band is based in Austin, Texas, but their latest LP, released last year, was recorded at a local studio.

    It features new songs from vocalist Paislee Parker, who has also recorded with artists such as The Lumineers, M83 and A Tribe Called Quest.

    The album is the band’s third in five years.

    Parker said she hopes the album will help her focus on the future.

    “I’ve always wanted to work in music, and I’ve always been into this kind of stuff, and this new record is a great representation of what we’re doing,” Parker said.

    “We’re really making music that is fun and exciting, and it’s something that we’re really excited about.”

    The album’s first single, “Dirt”, is an upbeat, country-pop anthem.

    The title track, which is also featured on the album, is about a group of friends who make a song for the school bus they’re riding on.

    It’s also the first song that Parker has ever recorded, as she’s been recording for three years.

    “The lyrics, as much as anything, really reflect the things that we go through,” Parker told Wired.

    It just felt like it was the perfect song to put out.” “

    This is really the song that I’ve been making for the last two years, and that’s the song I’m most proud of.

    It just felt like it was the perfect song to put out.”

    The Paisles have released their last three albums on independent labels and have been signed to a major label.

    They released a CD and vinyl edition of their 2011 album, “The Last Night of Your Life”, last year.

    Parker has been on tour since the release of the album in 2016.

    The Paises are also preparing to embark on a U.S. tour in 2018.


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