Florida is home to a few of the world’s largest and most iconic wildlife species.

    But, for all its majesty, there is something about a bear that captivates us. 

    From its iconic face to its rugged back, we can’t help but see bears as symbols of beauty, and they can even be seen as role models for other wildlife.

    But do the bears we see in our parks and nature reserve actually represent the real deal?

    In a study published in the journal Conservation Biology, researchers found that the animals depicted in parks and natural areas are not just beautiful animals, but actually, they are also living creatures. 

    The study analyzed data collected by park rangers during a four-year study of polar bears in Florida. 

    It found that while polar bears may be cute animals, they also have complex social structures and behaviors that can make them easy to mistake for predators. 

    For example, the study found that polar bears often use the same approach to socialize with each other that other animals use to hunt. 

    In other words, polar bears aren’t simply animals with cute faces, but rather, they’re living creatures with complex social and behavioral behaviors. 

    “The polar bear is one of the most misunderstood of animals, so we wanted to understand what motivates them, what makes them tick, and how we can use these behaviors to teach our students how to interact with these animals,” said study author Michael Schindler, a research assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Florida.

    “The polar bears we study have complex behaviors that we can learn from and use in our classroom.”

    To conduct the study, the researchers analyzed polar bear behavior and collected data from rangers on a small scale.

    For example, a ranger would often walk with a pack of bears in their pack, or they would take them to an area to hunt seals or fish, and sometimes they would even take them into a nature preserve. 

    Schindler explained that the data collected from the rangers included everything from how many bears they captured, to what they ate, and even their reactions to various situations.

    “Polar bears are social creatures, and when we are out in the field, we are often surrounded by them,” he said.

    “They have very different needs, and the most important thing to learn is that they are very intelligent, and that they care about their environment.

    This is what we’re trying to teach students in the classroom.”

    What’s the best thing about a Polar Bear’s journey from Florida to Florida state parks?

    The researchers found it was the polar bear that was the best predictor of whether a bear would visit a park or natural area.

    “The best predictor was the presence of bears.

    When you have a bear with you at the end of a long walk, you know it’s coming to visit you,” Schindlers said. 

    Polar bear encounters with people are a natural part of their life.

    “When you have people with you, you have the opportunity to be in the park and interact with the bears, and to be part of the community,” he explained.

    “Polar Bears are just the perfect animals for this type of interaction.”

    To learn more about polar bears and their social and emotional lives, read more about the study.


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