The latest video of a woman being ticketed by a man who has a mobile park at his place of work has gone viral on social media.

    The video shows the woman being stopped by the man as he tries to park his car on the street.

    “You can’t park here, please,” the man says to her.

    “Excuse me, I’m going to get my parking ticket,” she replies.

    The man then tells her to get out of the car, and that she can’t get into his car.

    “Get out of here, or I’m coming after you,” he yells at her.

    The woman gets out of her car, but as she leaves the car she notices a police officer with a mobile phone.

    “He’s not a police department officer,” she says.

    “Is he an officer?” he asks her.

    “Are you a police?”

    “Yes, sir,” she responds.”OK,” the officer says, and the video ends.

    “That was very funny,” one user wrote on Twitter.

    The officer was identified by the Department of Homeland Security as Michael Zuniga, a 30-year-old from the Philadelphia suburb of Kensington, Pennsylvania.

    Zuniga told NBC Philadelphia that the officer told him that the woman was going to be ticketed, and then the video cuts out.

    The department has since posted an apology video that Zunigas Facebook page says shows the interaction between him and the woman in the car:He also wrote that the driver was ticketed.

    In a statement to NBC Philadelphia, a spokesperson for the department said:”As a result of the incident that occurred on December 6, 2016, a Department of Transportation officer encountered a female passenger on the northbound lane of I-676 who was driving a vehicle.

    As the officer attempted to stop the vehicle in order to issue a citation, the driver’s vehicle accelerated, striking an oncoming vehicle, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

    The vehicle hit several other vehicles, including a pedestrian.

    The officer then received multiple medical attention and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

    Upon arrival, the male passenger was identified as a passenger in the vehicle and was identified in an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    At this time, no further charges have been filed.”

    The spokesperson added that the department is looking into the matter and that the incident was captured on a video camera.


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