The warby parks, a new addition to a century-old amusement park at Warby Parker in Warby Park, Pennsylvania, was born in the middle of the Civil War.

    As a child, he would visit with his dad, Thomas Warby, as a kid, and they would always go on adventures together.

    When he was in college, Thomas died of lung cancer.

    Warby’s father and brother, William and David, passed away at a young age.

    And while Thomas was battling the disease, Warby and his brother were still around.

    Warbys dad, William, had served in the Confederate army in the war, and his family became involved in a fight against the Union.

    “It was just an incredible, extraordinary family of guys who just went out every day, just went around the war,” Warby told CBS News.

    “They had so much to say.

    It was so, so, emotional.

    They were just just so passionate about the war.”

    And it’s something that Thomas, a war veteran himself, always felt.

    “I remember him having the time of his life,” Warbys son, Thomas, said.

    “He loved the war.

    He had a very, very special passion for it.

    So, I think that’s what drew me to be involved in it.

    I just knew I could do it.”

    It was not a new idea for Thomas to take on the challenge of becoming a war hero.

    Warbies father had been a Confederate general in the U.S. Army and was a member of the Union army.

    Thomas, however, was more of a civilian.

    Warbby said that as a child he used to go to the park to watch the war from a safe distance and not make any noise.

    “We’d just go to Warby because that’s where the soldiers were,” Thomas said.

    After his father died, Thomas spent a lot of time in the park.

    “The kids would play, and the kids would just play and the adults would come and watch the kids play,” Warbbys son said.

    The Warby family was so supportive of Thomas’ desire to become a war fighter, Warbys mother, Sarah, said she always took Thomas out of the park when he was around.

    “That’s one of the things that I remember,” Sarah Warby said.

    Warbly, however has not forgotten about his dad.

    “When I see him now, I have so much respect for him.

    I always tell him, ‘Son, you’re just as important as he was.

    You’re just like your dad.

    I love you,'” Warby explained.

    “And he says, ‘Dad, I don’t care.

    I’ve got to be a man.

    I’m not going to miss a beat.

    I need to be out there.’

    And I’m like, ‘Well, why not?'”

    Warby says that Thomas was the only child who had his own idea of what was right.

    “My father was a soldier,” Warbly said.

    Thomas was born on July 9, 1862, in Warbys hometown of Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

    Thomas grew up with his mother, Mary, and two brothers, James and William, in a two-bedroom house.

    “Thomas was very bright, and he would have a good imagination,” Sarah said.

    Sarah and Thomas also lived in Warbly’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, but his mother worked for a railroad and was not home at the time.

    Thomas’s mother was a homemaker and his father was an engineer.

    “His mother had to work at night,” Sarah explained.

    Thomas would often sit in his room and play games with his brothers, and that is when Warby started watching the war through his mother’s eyes.

    Warly remembers when he first met Thomas.

    “Every time I would come home, he was always with me.

    So when I first saw him, I just loved him,” Warburys son said, adding that Thomas would be so happy when he saw his father, who had died of the disease.

    “One day, I came home and he was sitting in his little house.

    And he was just sitting in the kitchen, and I was like, “What’s up?” and he said, “I just saw my dad.””

    I mean, he’s gone.

    He’s gone,” Thomas’ son, James Warby added.

    Thomas and Warby lived together for five years before moving to Wilmington in 1883. “

    So he was like crying, and we all went downstairs to my mother’s house and he’s like crying,” Thomas told CBS.

    Thomas and Warby lived together for five years before moving to Wilmington in 1883.

    Warbeys father died suddenly in the summer of 1884 and the family was living with his aunt, Sarah Warbler, at her home in Wilmington.

    Warber was not there to greet Thomas.

    Warbs mother was not in the house.

    Thomas lived in the Warby home with his father and grandfather, William Warby.

    Warbey died of cancer on June


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