Why you shouldn’t leave your vehicle unattended in a discovery parks parking lot article When your car is parked at a park, it is always safer for you and your family to be able to walk to the other side of the parking lot.

    It is also a lot less likely for you to get run over or hit by a vehicle, or if you are lucky enough to be in a carpool, you can get to your destination.

    Here are a few things you need to know before you leave your parked car unattached.

    Parking rules, parking regulations, parking signage, parking hours, parking etiquette: What are the parking rules?

    Parking rules vary from park to park.

    In some locations, such as Discovery parks, there are parking restrictions on weekends and holidays.

    You will need to pay a fee to enter the parking area, and this fee will vary depending on the park.

    If you are coming from out of town or are travelling from out-of-town, the fee may vary based on the distance travelled.

    It will also vary depending if you need a parking pass or not.

    There are a number of different parking restrictions around Discovery parks in Canada.

    These include the following:Parking hoursThe Discovery parks are open to all.

    During the day, there is no parking limit for cars.

    However, on the weekends and public holidays, Discovery parks do have a parking limit of 20 minutes.

    The parking limit is 10 minutes after 5:00pm and is not changed during the day.

    Parking signsParking signage is visible from the parking deck and the side of each of the carriageways, and the front of the vehicle.

    You should always keep your parking sign with you at all times.

    Parking signs are generally visible from approximately 4:00 am to 7:00 pm and are not accessible from outside of the Discovery park.

    If you see a parking sign on the side or rear of your vehicle, do not ignore it and follow the instructions given.

    Parkers are supposed to have the parking pass and a map of the surrounding area.

    The parking pass is also required for vehicles entering Discovery parks.

    The rules about parking at Discovery parks vary depending upon the park you are visiting.

    Parking regulations and signage are set by the province.

    For example, in Alberta, there may be a limit on how many vehicles can park in the Discovery Park.

    The maximum number of vehicles can be reduced for the duration of the park and the duration that you are allowed to park is not limited.

    The rules about signage also vary between parks.

    In addition, parking is subject to the same rules and restrictions as the rest of the community.

    If a parking violation is reported, you will be issued a ticket for that violation.

    Parking is a ticketable offence, so there is a $50 fine for a parking infraction.

    The ticket must be paid within seven days of the incident.

    If the parking infractions are paid, you must then contact your insurance company to cancel the ticket.

    You may also need to complete an information sheet on parking to determine if you will need a ticket.

    What to do if I have a problem parking at a Discovery park:Parkings are not open to the public at Discovery park weekends and on public holidays.

    The Discovery parks can only accommodate groups of four people or more.

    There is a limit of two vehicles per person per carriaggedeway.

    Parked cars are subject to all the parking regulations outlined above.

    If your car does not meet the required restrictions, it can be towed and you may need to get your car towed back.

    If there is any parking infringement, it will need the approval of your insurance carrier.

    Parker’s insurance can provide information about car theft, vandalism, and insurance claims.

    The Canadian Parking Association (CPA) is the national governing body for the Canadian parking industry.

    Its members are responsible for the insurance coverage and payment of all car rental and parking fees in Canada and the world.

    The CPA is not responsible for any insurance claims or disputes that may arise as a result of your parking at the Discovery parks property.

    You can contact the Canadian Parking Authority at 1-800-972-0404 for more information.


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