JAY PARK, NSW—In the early days of this country, this is a place where the name of the town came from.

    The name Zilkers comes from the fact that it’s located in a village, not far from the town of Zilchers, and is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

    This year marks the 30th anniversary of the park opening to visitors from New South Wales and Queensland, and the park will open to the public again in September.

    The park opened in 1987 as a family-run operation.

    In the years since, it has grown into one of the country’s most iconic tourist destinations and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    “Zilkers is a real town.

    It’s one of our national parks, and it’s a very popular place to go and enjoy the sights and the food,” said park ranger, Ryan Smith.

    “There are so many people that come to Zilks, and there are people who have gone for a while who have no idea that there’s such a place here.

    I think that the park really has got a lot to offer.”

    The opening of Zils park comes as a result of a community effort led by a group of passionate Queenslanders who came together to launch the park’s ‘Zilker Community’ initiative, which brought together local residents, local businesses and community groups.

    In 2007, the Queensland Government made a $30 million investment in the park, and since then, the park has attracted thousands of visitors, including thousands from overseas, many from Australia.

    It is a popular place for locals to hang out and have a drink, which is why a small sign is posted on the entrance to Zils gate, which reads: “Welcome to Zilanks Zilkeys Town.

    There are no plans to reopen this gate to the general public.

    The gates have been locked for a number of years and will remain locked until 2020.”

    There is also a Zilkey’s cafe, which serves coffee, tea, tea and hot chocolate and also offers tours and activities for children.

    On the front door of Zilanys cafe, a sign with the name ‘Zilanks Town’ is visible, and in the rear, the ZilKER sign is displayed in front of a small ‘Z’, a symbol of the Zilankers Community.

    Zilkey is a word in the Zulu language, and its meaning is “river, riverbank, river”.

    Smith said the name Zilankeys was chosen for two reasons: it was an Australian word meaning “the land of rivers”, and Zilkers was a town that has a number in the name, meaning it’s one that was formed by the rivers that flowed through Zilken.

    As part of the community effort, the community has also worked with the local council to design and construct a new sign to honour the town’s history.

    With the help of local volunteers, ZilKers Town is now able to open to visitors as early as this September.


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